Choosing the Best Size and Style of Bracelet

To find your best bracelet size, you first need to know your wrist measurement.  The best way to measure is with a cloth measuring tape, but if you don’t have one handy, try using a ribbon or string or even a thin piece of paper.

Wrap the tape around your wrist at the wrist bone (even if you don’t wear your bracelet that low).  Hold the tape gently, not tightly, to get an accurate measurement.  If you are using a ribbon or string, etc, simply wrap it around your wrist gently and then transfer to a ruler to see the measurement.

Generally, you should add ½” to your measurement for comfort.  Add 1” if you like more “drape” and movement in a bracelet.

Understanding our style descriptions:

We use descriptive terms to help you know the actual width of our bracelets.  Because we enlarge our photos so you can see the details and beauty up close, and because each person’s computer monitor displays in different sizes, it’s impossible to accurately represent actual size online. 

To help, we use the following terms to describe our bracelets:

MINI – 3/16” Wide

CLASSIC – 1/4” wide

STYLISH – 3/8” wide

BOLD – 1/2″ wide