• Vintage Baby Kankanmba Beads and Obsidian Bracelet

Vintage Baby Kankanmba Beads and Obsidian Bracelet


Description – Vintage Kankanmba African trade beads are the centerpiece of this bracelet.  The beads were found in West Africa and believed to be 50-150 years old.  To better understand trade beads and where they come from, read our article  HERE.

Style – MINI –   This bracelet looks great accenting the cuff of a long-sleeved shirt or stacked with other minis, micros, and classic style bracelets.

Signature Details – We couple the gorgeous Kankanmba beads with black obsidian beads.  Obsidian is a volcanic glass created when lava cools quickly.  Our obsidian comes from here in the United States.

Construction Details – We choose each bead for its color and arrange them so no two bracelets are alike.  Complimenting the vintage beads are obsidian beads.  All are then hand-strung on latex-free elastic cord.  Please note:  due to the rare and limited availability of these beads, and the varying nature of their wear over the years,  the colors chosen for each bracelet may vary.  We strive to keep the color selection as close to the photo here as possible.

Fit – Choose your size from 6″ to 9″.   For more information on sizing and measuring, CLICK HERE (Will open in a new window so you won’t lose your place here).

Care Instructions – As with any fine bracelet, you should avoid getting it wet.  Use a dry soft cloth to polish the stones.  Do not use steam or ultra-sonic cleaners.

Arrival – Made to order, just for you.  When you place your order, we will personally craft your bracelet as ordered and have it ready to ship within 10-14 days. 

Hand crafted in the U.S.A., one piece at a time, just for you!

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