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Ugandan Large Bead Necklace


Description – Each bead on these beautiful necklaces was rolled by hand in Uganda in a process that dates back to England in the Victorian era.  The Ugandan women who make the beads and design the necklances have a good eye for color, and it is reflected in the finished products.

Construction Details – Each paper bead is sealed, then hand-strung with coordinating glass beads and finished with a twist clasp

Fit –  Length is approximately 28″ (due to the unique nature of each necklace, no two are ever exactly alike, leading to slight variances in the length).

Care Instructions – As with any fine jewelry, you should avoid getting it wet.  Use a dry soft cloth to polish the beads when needed.  Do not use steam or ultra-sonic cleaners.

Arrival –  These are in stock and ready to ship immediately.    

Hand crafted in Uganda.  100% of the profits from the sale of this item are returned to the Ugandan villages to support schools, medical care, home ownership, micro-loans and more.