• Rare Hebron Beads

Single Ancient Hebron Bead


Description – These rough glass beads were individually hand made 250-300 years ago, just outside of Bethlehem in the holy city of Hebron.  Each bead was created from molten glass made with salts from the Dead Sea.  The molten glass was then wound around a metal spindle to the desired size.  This style of bead making is referred to as “wound glass.”

The beads were made in shades of yellow, blue, green and black.  They were then sold to traders and missionaries who took them into Egypt and down the Nile River to the Sudan where our beads were excavated. 

Hebron beads are filled with history.  From how and where they were made, to the journey they took, to the hands that have held them, to the people who have admired them.  Three hundreds years of history.  When we received these beads, they were still filled with the earth from which they were found.  We have cleaned the surface dirt (a three day process for each bead) but remnants remain.

These beads are rustic, hand made pieces of rare ancient history and as such, are limited in quantity.

 To better understand trade beads and where they come from, read our article  HERE.

Each bead ordered will be packaged in our trademark gift box and bag.

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