• Shimmering Amethyst Wrap Bracelet

Shimmering Amethyst Wrap Bracelet


Description –  Shimmering shades of amethyst sparkle in this design of glass beads.  Five different shades of amethyst flow together and dance in the sunlight.  The triangle shape of each glass bead is specifically designed to catch and reflect light for amazing sparkle.

Style – BOLD – Approximately 1/2” wide.  This piece was designed to wear alone and keep all the compliments for itself.  (It really IS that gorgeous).

Signature Details – Triangle-shaped glass beads imported from Japan include a dual-layer that add depth to the colors.  Combinations like silver-lined light amethyst and purple-lined lilac give these glass beads deep color and spectacular light reflection.

Construction Details –  We start with 4mm glass beads in five colors of amethyst, then arrange them in a pattern that produces the effect that shimmers and glistens.  All pieces are hand-strung on latex-free elastic cording.

Fit –  Choose your wrist size from 6” to 9”.  Measure your wrist size over the wrist bone.  For more measuring information, CLICK HERE (will open in a new window so you won’t lose your place).

Care Instructions – As with any fine jewelry, you should avoid getting it wet, however, this piece is a little more forgiving.  Do rinse in clear water if it is exposed to sand or saltwater or chlorine. Use a dry polishing cloth to keep the luster of the beads.  Do not use steam or ultrasonic cleaners.

Arrival – Made to order, just for you. When you place your order, we will personally craft your  bracelet, and have it ready to ship within 10-14 days.

Hand Crafted in the U.S.A, one piece at a time, just for you!