• Fossilized Stegodon Bone Bracelet
  • Fossilized Stegodon Bone Bracelet
  • Fossilized Stegodon Bone Bracelet

Fossilized Stegodon Bone Bracelet



Description – An ancient Stegodon fossilized bone bead is the center stage attraction of this piece.  Estimated to be 1.9 million years old, this rare fossil bead offers you an opportunity to own an amazing piece of ancient natural history.

History -Stegodons roamed the earth during the Pleistocene era.  Our fossils come from excavations on the islands of Indonesia where hundreds of Stegodon bones have been uncovered.  Although similar to mammoths and elephants, Stegodons lived long before them.

Stegodon bones buried under volcanic ash became fossils over thousands of years and mineral-rich water seeped into the bones.  The deposited minerals eventually replaced the organic cell structures, resulting in the patterned fossils we see today.

Stegodon fossils are so intriguing because they have a more rustic look, rather than a highly polished gemstone look.  This is due to the specific minerals that brought about fossilization.  Holding one of these fossils in your hand is a rare experience.

Construction Details –  Flanked by matte black onyx beads is a single Stegodon fossilized bone bead.  All are hand-strung on jewelers elastic cord for a comfortable and perfect customized fit.  Available in sizes 6 to 9.5 inches.

Care Instructions – As with any fine jewelry, you should avoid getting it wet. Use a soft dry cloth to polish.  Do not use steam or ultrasonic cleaners.

Arrival – Made to order, just for you. When you place your order, we will personally craft your jewelry as ordered, and have it ready to ship within 10-14 days.

Hand Crafted in the U.S.A, one piece at a time, just for you!

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