Why We Do What We Do

(and how your purchases are helping children in need)




We are thrilled that everyone who wears our jewelry knows they are not only getting an original handcrafted Kahana design, but also helping a child in need.

~ Robin van der Merwe, 
   Kahana & Co Design CEO

Before we created Kahana & Co,  I purchased my own jewelry without much thought to how the piece was made or by whom it was created.  I definitely never thought to ask if the brand had a mission or purpose.

Then, I began designing jewelry for myself, family and friends.  I fell in love with creating designs from natural stones that had belonged to the earth for hundreds of thousands of years.

When the time came to consider establishing a business and offering designs to the public, I had some reservations.  I was concerned that in a world of  mass-produced goods, not everyone would appreciate the heart of hand-crafted designs.

But then…

I saw an opportunity to help children in need, while creating personal gifts and treasures for customers.

So, I set out to create the most authentic and high-quality collections for people who love a gift that has a story;  gifts that are created just for them.  The word “Kahana” means “turning point.”  Every child experiences a turning point in their lives.  Some for the better, some not.  Within the world of poverty and foster care, we wanted to make a difference.  We wanted to provide a turning point wherever possible, be it big or small.

That road, however, came with a few speed bumps.  Being a foster mom to 16 children (not all at the same time!) and adopting 5, meant life was busy, to say the least.

But, the experience of working with children in foster care highlighted the many needs of children in care.   It was through that experience that our mission became clear;  we have committed to donating 100% of the profits of  Kahana & Co to help children in need.  (Learn more about our MISSION).

We released our first collections in 2012 and the response was overwhelming and inspiring.  Our customers have expressed their love for not only the designs, but knowing they are personally helping children in need. 

We are grateful for you and your support.  Because of you, we are able to help children in need here at home as well as around the world.   

Thank you!