Our newest collection comes from across the ocean.  The Ugandan Collection features beautiful bracelets and necklaces as well as gifts like baskets, purses and bags, stuffed animals and more.

Each item was made by women in the villages of Jinja, Agwata, and Kitgum in Northern Uganda.  These women used their skills of sewing and beading to become entrepreneurs.  The income they earn from the sale of their crafts feeds their families and sends their children to school.

We fell in love with the beautiful colors and designs of their crafts then saw an opportunity to help lift children and families out of poverty.

We are sure you will love the Uganda Collection and all of its beautiful colors.

Fossilized dinosaur and mammoth bone are the center of the new Rare Fossil Collection of jewelry.  

The collection highlights the deep beauty of dinosaur bone from the Morrison Formation from the United States, wooly mammoth teeth from Siberia and fossilized corals from Lakes Superior and Michigan.

Each design offers its owner a chance to wear a small piece of natural history millions of years in the making.

See the entire collection HERE

The Kahana Designs Fall Collection Has Arrived

With luscious colors of amethyst, gold, sand, burgundy and more, the new Kahana Fall 2020 Collection showcases all the must-haves for this season.

Whether you crave shades of turquoise or the sparkle of deep amethyst, this new collection is sure to have something you will love.

With gift-giving season just around the corner, choose a few new designs for those you love as well as yourself.

Remember, when you shop with Kahana Designs, you help children in need (More on that HERE).

Shop the new collection  now…..

The Austrian Crystal Collection is Here!

Nothing sparkles quite like the brilliance of Austrian crystal.  Imported from Austria where they are made, each crystal has the brilliance that has made Austrian crystals the top-selling high-quality crystals in the world.

Whether you are looking for bracelets, necklaces or anklets, we have designed selections that are sure to bring some color, excitement and always some sparkle to your outfits.

Shop the collection here


Introducing: The Stamped Collection

When you want to express your thoughts, we can help.  Introducing our newest collection of stamped jewelry, created in our studios, one beautiful piece at a time.

We customize each bracelet and necklace with the names, words or phrases that mean the most to you.

Let your imagination run free….and let us bring your thoughts to life, one stamped letter at a time.

See the collection

New! Vintage Trade Bead Collection

It is hard to describe the feelings you get when you hold beads that have travelled two or three continents over 50 to 100 years.  Finding these colorful glass beauties is to open a window to the past.  Owning them is a rare privilege.  Wearing them is an amazing experience.  Our trade beads have been found on the continent of Africa where they were once traded for goods like spices and gold.  We often wish we knew how many people have admired them and worn them and delighted in their beauty.    We take these beautiful beads and craft them into new designs to be worn once again.  See the collection HERE.

The Jewelry by Christian Collection

A little bit of fun, and a whole lot of style best describes this collection of jewelry by designer Christian V. With a selection of colors for every style and every day of the week, you can have so much fun pairing these cuties. We are  pleased to be able to offer this collection made exclusively for Kahana & Company, right here in Texas.

Take a look them here…

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